Has political correctness gone to far? Have we all forgotten about history? This is more of political article rather than technology. Something I don’t generally write about, but felt compelled to because of the idiocy I see in our society.

Right now it seems that people are wanting to sweep things under the rug and hope that helps some how. Really all it shows is just how ignorant people are. A piece of cloth, one that represents something that happen in history is attacked and made the scapegoat for everything wrong. What about that one with all the stars and stripes on it. Does anyone realize that the flag of the United State of America has caused just as much damage to everyone in the US than a confederate flag did to a single race? Yet we pledge allegiance and sing glory songs about it at the opening of big events. Continue reading

YouTube has announced that they will be proving a new platform in which gamers will be able to live stream their games. Not much in details are available as of yet, but the details we do know are that it will allow for high 60 FPS streaming. This is great news for everyone in my opinion. At one point there was the rumor about Google possibly buying out Twitch, but ultimately Amazon had a better offer. In some sort of way, personally, I think that was a good idea to steer away from such an acquisition. While I am not trying to knock Twitch, I will say their system is archaic and in need of an overhaul. Managing a twitch channel is a major pita some times. YouTube Gaming is meant to “bring the gaming community closer together”. If you want to be part of the next big thing in gaming then go sign up for the notification of YouTube Gaming here. You can also read up more about YouTube Gaming over here.

One could also say, “welcome to the party, it’s about time.”

You, want to have windows 10. Lets just admit that right off. I find that Windows 10 is by far their best version of Windows to date. However, after doing a bit of research I was able to very quickly find articles online via the MS support forums asking specific questions and one of them being, “What if I require a clean install after a year has past?” Well that’s a very good question. Especially since I was just wondering the same thing. Little bit of reading later and there it is, an official answer by a Support Engineer.

And I quote,

“If you want to perform clean installation after a year you need to pay to get Windows 10 license. Free update will only be free for 12 months.

For reference:


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Welcome to our latest review of the EVGA GTX 770 SC ACX. Where do I really start this off?! Well lets begin with the fact that this review was delayed multiple times and obviously we are a bit late to the game. At the time of this review there were some major personal real life career changes in the works that had me put certain things in a hold pattern. One of them happen to be this website. Was it a good choice? It’s hard to tell at this time. Some PR relationships may have suffered because of it, but that was to be expected and I knew I would have to deal with that when the time came. So instead of just taking a product and giving nothing in return I at least want to acknowledge that I am back and with the full intent to actually continuing on with the production of reviews and articles. Continue reading

In my previous article I talked about how to disable a feature that a lot of us were not very fond of that removed and seemingly forced you to view your previous search results. To revert back it required a little work in chrome://flags where you had to disable the “Enable Instant Extended API” option. With the latest update to Chrome they had removed that option, but there was an option in chrome://settings where you could make a new tab open a certain window. Unfortunately Google developers thought it would be cool to NOT allow chrome://apps or any other chrome option to be used. Now it allows you to put it in there, but it routes right back to the new chrome page. Basically the Chrome developers have hard coded it to make sure you see their new fancy-pants design no matter what. For me, I really would rather not see the latest or most popular searches made. I want to see my apps, and only my apps and many others feel the same way. What doesn’t make any sense is how they have the option in settings to allow you to input a specific page for a new tab, but no URL’s of any kind work and there is no option in chrome://flags to turn it on or force this option to work. So yet again I hit a brick wall.

So what do we do from here? Well don’t worry, there are still other ways to fix this. Unfortunately, the only way I found that works is to install the extension Show Apps in new tab. It’s not the route I would like to take by having to install a third party extension when it’s unnecessary, but it works. If I find another option I will update this article, but for now this is all I have.

OCZ has been pretty quite this year, except for the recent public decline of shares. This was the first sign that trouble was on the horizon for OCZ and in the last month people have been watching closely. Well, as of today they have filed for bankruptcy and this is more than likely due to what has been reported as shady accounting which led to a hemorrhage of money that could not be fixed in time to save the once popular company in the custom PC build world. They were well known in the industry as the leader in top quality products for gamer’s such as super fast memory, amazing SSD’s, and powerful PSU’s. Some of course will argue this and myself know of previous issues that they had. If you were to look at a time line I’m sure you could link up the decline in quality for the products to when the shady accounting started. So what’s in store for the drowning company? It appears that Toshiba has offered to buy all of OCZ’s assets. What could you expect? Well, If you want an SSD, memory or even a PSU for a hell of a good price I can imagine the cost of an OCZ product is going to drop dramatically in price here soon. Sadly for them, but great for consumers and just in time for some folks to save money on holiday gifts. Currently Amazon shows an almost $50 drop in price on most everything, some others are more/less.